If music is a food, my brain would be a chef, my heart would be a kitchen, my soul would be an ingredient, then my guitar and my voice would be an art on a dish. ~ NOK LA FIESTA ~”

About NOK

NOK is a Thai independent artist, singer/songwriter, and guitarist. She shares her life's journey through her music and art. She is always wondering and seeking a way to express herself and find a little space to live her own life and be herself. Music and art are heroes in her eyes and are her best friends ever since, it even leads her to meet other best friends in the world.

"Body seeking food and pleasure, soul seeking fulfillment and purpose”.


When she found out how powerful music & art can heal her heart and help her go through some difficult times in life, it gave her inspiration and purpose to keep sharing it with the world.

"Plants grow their roots towards the earth. But people, we're heavenly plants. Meaning that our roots grow upward to our hearts. But those roots need to be cared for, tended like any plant, or your heart will break before it even has a chance to grow." ~Plato~


Nok found a way of great healing through music when she expresses what she feels through her voice, it helps her release and let go. Also through the way she plays her guitar. And by following “The calling” that drives her to do all the magical things. It brings her back a "self-love, compassion, peace and harmony.

And while on her journey she stepped into the path of being a sound healer using a Tibetan Singing Bowl and working together as a Yoga teacher. It's a big change in her life. She has found a way to reconnect with herself more than ever and loves to share the way of living a happy heart and healthy physical body and mind with people.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, that's why it is called present" ~Kungfu Panda~

“Respect Peace Live & Learn & Love” ~NOK LA FIESTA