Artist Musician


” Music is my food

My brain as a chef

My heart as a kitchen

My soul as an ingredients

My guitar and my voice as an art on a dishes “


My body was born in 1980 in a country side, surrounded by plenty of rice fields and farms in a middle of Thailand.

My soul was born somewhere don’t know the origin. But already feels like a long journey…

My heart is always feels young and thirsty for the thing called “MUSIC”


I’ll keep playing guitar, sing and write until I can’t.

1 thought on “NOK LA FIESTA”

  1. Sawatdee khaaaa!
    Fantuzzi & I are heading to Thailand again & I do not have your email address. We’d love to connect & catch up & maybe you lovelies can play music together again.

    Let me know how best to reach you!
    Much love
    Kat & Fantuzzi

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